Garden Pond Supplies

The autumn season is an important season to consider when constructing a new garden pond. This is typically the season that you will have to make adjustments to your pond, in the way of removing dead leaves and bringing marginal plants into deeper water. Besides plants, what are the most common pond supplies you need to construct an autumn garden pond?

You might want to consider pond fish, preferably koi, goldfish or golden orfe fish. Pond filters keep the garden pond clean of pollutants, dead plants and other waste. In order to scoop larger pieces of debris out of the pond, you may need a fish net or skimmer net. Some pond owners add beneficial bacteria to their pond so that microscopic debris or any organic waste left over can be removed.

Once you’re done swimming and want to protect your pond from excess leaves, it’s a good idea to cover the pond with netting. All garden ponds require pumps in order to ensure sufficient oxygen. Lastly, your checklist of pond supplies wouldn’t be complete without a pond de-icer. This allows the release of toxic gasses that are produced by pond fish.

In addition to larger pond supplies, you will also need gardening supplies and working supplies. This might include everything from gloves (to shield your hands) and fertilizer. Some gardeners even recommend nylon waders to help keep you dry. Garden ponds are a joy to have all year round, even though they require more than just annual maintenance.

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Outdoor Pond Liner

What is outdoor pond liner and what is its use? This product refers to an impermeable geo-membrane device that is used for water retention. Pond liner is found everywhere artificial bodies of water are found, including lakes, ponds and park streams. Most homeowners build ponds using pond liner in order to better retain the water. Otherwise, the ground soaks up the water. This is not to say that all bodies of water require pond liner, however if there are any fractures in the base then it would definitely be needed.

An outdoor pond consists of a hole, waterproof material (the pond liner) and the water. Bear in mind that these pond liners must be protected from sharp objects, below the water and inside the body. Usually, layers of sand or concrete or similar material are used for protection. Since pond liner encompasses an entire body of water, you will be purchasing rolls of liner. These strips will be welded (or seamed) together on the site of your outdoor pond. However, there are strips for sale that have been pre-fabricated to fit an exact shape.

The edges of pond liners can be rolled over in a trench, or in some cases, fixed to a standing brick wall. Most of the pond liners you will see for sale are made of ethylene propylene diene monomer, or PVC or butyl rubber. The best pond liners tend to be spray-coated with polyurea.

A pond liner can work wonders for outdoor ponds. Make sure you do not order outdoor ponds liners that are too short. Larger is better, at least in this instance, when working with outdoor ponds.

Water Pond Fountain

A water pond fountain can be a lot of fun visually and aurally, as well as a smart addition value-wise to your backyard. How does a fountain operate? By definition, a pond fountain is a piece of architecture that pours water into a basin or shoots it into the air for drinking or visual appeal. In ancient times, pond fountains were connected to springs or aqueducts. By the time they started to be used for purely decorative purposes, the technology had become portable.

Today, pond fountains can be built as free standing pieces, added to a wall, or made to look like a “natural” waterfall area. Modern day water ponds no longer rely on gravity to make the water flow. Instead they rely on mechanical pumps.

Most water ponds today rely on a closed, re-circulating system rather than gravitational pressure from an unseen elevated reservoir. In order for the pond fountain to work properly, the system must be filled with water from the local water supply system. It must also be “topped up” throughout the life of the fountain so that the effects of evaporation can be prevented. Pond fountain must also be careful to monitor rainwater amounts to adjust the waterfall accordingly.

Pond fountains go hand in hand with pumps and filters. Some fountains are capable of aerating a small and shallow body of water. However, if you have a larger water pond or pool then you might have to use a water diffuser.

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