Backyard Pond

Backyard Pond Supplies

If you are constructing your own pond for the first time, then there are some essentials that you will need. After constructing, buying or digging the “pool” area you will have to focus on pond supplies for the water. Your basic goal in shopping for backyard pond products is to keep the water clean.

First of all, you need a pond aerator. This oxygenizes the pond in order for the living things in it and all around it to stay healthy. Small ponds can get by with just a fountain, but larger or deeper ponds may require an air diffuser. The objective here is to dissipate oxygen.

Next on your list of backyard ponds is that of a pond filter. A backyard pond naturally attracts algae which stink up the pond and give it an ugly greenish look. This happens because the algae is being fed by too many nutrients in the stale water. Therefore, you need to get rid of the algae and prevent it from developing. The total water volume of your backyard pond should ideally be filtered every two hours. When buying a filter make sure that it is large enough for the pond you have. The more fish and plant life you have in the pond, the more the filter has to do. Instead of waiting for algae to accumulate in backyard ponds, homeowners should try adding beneficial bacteria which breaks down organic matter.

Other pond supplies to take note of include a skimmer (which helps the filter and reduces the workload), as well as a backyard ponds pump. The pump keeps the water circulating, therefore protecting you from the threat of stale water. Pond supplies might also include UV sterilizer and fertilizer.

You can find backyard ponds and supplies online for a discount from suggested retail price.


Outdoor Pond Filter

The basic thought behind an outdoor pond filter is that you want to keep your pond water clean. This is true in a general sense; however the belief that filters work by simply removing dirt is not entirely accurate. How do outdoor ponds work? The outdoor pond filters objective is to act as a small sewer system for the pond. Inside the pond filters, surface area is set up which becomes home to millions of beneficial bacteria.

Therefore, whenever waste goes through the outdoor pond filter, the bacteria is helping to break down these various toxins along with other waste material which gets “caught” in the filter. This is the basic function of the outdoor pond filter, but there are more advanced pump systems that do attempt to strain out more solid material from the pond water. The main point is that pond filters have to break down the “invisible” waste.

When shopping for pond filters it’s important to buy a product that can easily handle your volume of water, whether you have a dug pond or pool. The process involves outdoor pond bacteria breaking down ammonia, which is released by dead or decaying matter inside the water. The ammonia is broken down into nitrite, and then more beneficial bacteria breaks down nitrite into nitrate. Nitrate can be absorbed by plants.

In case you’re wondering, you don’t need a pond filter in every situation. If you are not planning to host life inside the pond (like fish) or if you want to create a natural balance system within your pond, then pond filter might not be needed.

Outdoor ponds do require clean and flowing water for maximum health. You can buy supplies for outdoor ponds online or in retail stores.


Garden Pond Pump

A garden pond pump is a device that constantly runs, as it is circulating oxygen throughout the pool or pond you have dug. In order for any aquatic life to exist inside garden ponds the oxygen must be circulated. The oxygen will be dissolved into the water and dissipated for the bacteria that wait inside the garden pond filter. The filter is a necessity if you want to keep fish living inside your pond.

In order for these nutrients to be dissipated by the garden pond filter, the pump must run constantly-twenty four hours a day and 365 days a year. If you turn the pump off then the bacteria will die and the entire filtration process will come to a stop. If you allow oxygen and other nutrients to fill the pond water naturally, then most of your fish life will die.

When choosing a pond pump, you have to make sure that the pump you buy is powerful enough to move your entire volume within a short period of time. In general, pond pumps should not be bought “cheap”. You should also be careful about buying pond pumps from third party brands which don’t have a reliable name or history. Along with the pond pump, you may have to buy pipes, fittings and other garden ponds supplies.

Pond pumps are rated by how much water they can move in a given time. Products carry a GPH rating, which represents Gallons-Per-Hour. This refers to how much water the pump can circulate in one hour over a height of one foot.

This is one of the most important garden ponds products to buy. Fortunately, you can buy a pond pump online and according to whatever GPH you need.

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